Running a soccer club is an expensive proposition. There are a multitude of club expenses that must be paid for on a year round basis as well as a seasonal basis. Even though the WV Chaos Soccer Club operates on a manager/team based model operating funds are still necessary on a Club level that serves all teams, players and families. Expenses such as web site hosting, telephone, post office box, office supplies, a big year end WV Chaos club event at Schoenbaum Stadium, complimentary speed & agility programs and office rental that is on the horizon in the near future. To date the office & all equipment have been generously donated by a corporate sponsor.
Below is our Friends of Chaos fundraising ladder. No matter how great or small, every donation is important so if you work for a company that is interested in supporting a local non profit organization that serves the children in the community then please bring this to their attention. If on a personal level you and your family wish to make a tax deductible donation please consider the WV Chaos. Keeping our funds local can make such a meaningful impact.  Let’s all try to grow this list. All donations will be noted on the Friends of Chaos page in the club website unless acknowledgement is not desired. Let’s go CHAOS!!

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